Our Mission

Nassau Bowmen Archery Club was founded on the principle of promoting the sport of archery using the following guidelines

 1. To promote an interest in archery, including the use of a Bow & arrow or other similar implements for the purposes of target shooting, hunting or other lawful areas in which these implements may be utilized.

2. To aid in the instruction of the use of a Bow & arrow or other similar implements. This will be conducted in both a club atmosphere or in connection with an athletic, recreational or educational effort. Nassau Bowmen operates on the club level, school level and public level.

3. To provide for mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment & improvement of the members of the association, both socially & physically and for encouraging them to participate in the shooting of a bow & arrow.

4. To do anything necessary, suitable or proper, or to do any other act or anything incidental to or connected with the foregoing purpose or in advancement thereof, but not for the pecuniary profit or financial gain of its members, directors or officers.

This year the club is hosting seven events during the months of April through October.  The outdoor season has been designed to accommodate the needs of archers who are preparing for either regional or national competitions as well as those who just like to shoot casually.  Check our Schedule for details.

Practice Sessions: We have scheduled practice sessions between April and September.  These will be conducted every Saturday and Sunday on which there is no shoot otherwise scheduled, between 10am and 2pm.  Club members may use club equipment and targets free of charge during any of these periods.  On every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there will be Members-Only practices from 4pm until dusk. Check the Club Calendar for details.  Non-members pay a fee of $10.00 per archer per session for the use of the club’s equipment and targets.  Non-members are limited to 2 sessions per calendar year as per our insurance.

Location: Our club utilizes the archery field located at Cedar Creek Park in Wantagh (Long Island, New York), 1/4 mile east of Wantagh Parkway on Merrick Rd.  The field has multiple shooting stations with actual distances varying out to 90 meters.