June 19, 2021    
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bookings closed


Nassau Bowmen Outdoor Range
3340 Merrick Rd, Seaford, NY, 11783

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This tournament will be on Sunday, June 6th at 9:00 am. The tournament format will be a 720 Round. It will consist of a 72 arrow round, 6 arrows per end for 12 ends. Please be at the field 30-45 min before the start time to sign-in and received target assignments. Listed below are the classes and distances for each division. All participants MUST be USA Archery Members.

COVID-19 precautions (these restrictions may change as the event nears)

  • Social distancing will be in affect for everyone. There will be no exceptions
  • Spectators, competitors and field crew will be encouraged to wear masks while not actively shooting.
  • Coaches and Family Members will remain behind the fence while the event is running.  Except for emergencies.
  • Participation is limited to 2 archers per target bail, A line and B Line (for a maximum of 12 archers per line); distance between target bails has been increased to allow for 6 feet of separation between competitors on the line.  The event will be capped at 24 archers
  • Two bails will score together to allow for sufficient scoring groups while maintaining social distancing
  • Awards will be given to archers based on score after the event is finished.


This is a USA Archery sanctioned event. USA Archery rules and dress code apply. Please note that at sanctioned events denim and camo clothing are not allowed.

Registration Deadline is 9 PM Wednesday, June 2nd 2020.

Master Men & Master Women – 60m-122cm
Senior Men & Senior Women – 70m-122cm
Barebow Men & Women – 50m-122cm
Junior Men & Junior Women – 70m-122cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 60m-122cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 50m-122cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women – 30m-122cm

Master Men & Master Women – 50m-80cm 6-ring
Senior Men & Senior Women – 50m-80cm 6-ring
Junior Men & Junior Women – 50m-80cm 6-ring
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 50m-80cm 6-ring
Cub Men & Cub Women – 30m-80cm 6-ring
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women -25m-80cm 6-ring

You can find information about different age divisions here. If you have any questions regarding this event you send us an email here.


Registrations are closed at the current time for this event.


1) Steve Sherman CompoundMaster 50+Approved
2) Danica Sherman RecurveCadetApproved
3) Jamie RyanCompoundCadetApproved
4) Hyungu HanRecurveCubApproved
5) Isaac LeeRecurveCadetApproved
6) Hyun-Shin Theodore ChoRecurveCadetApproved
7) Young-Shin Alexander ChoRecurveBowmenCancelled
8) Mun ChanyoungRecurveCubCancelled
9) Eun-Shin Catalina ChoRecurveYoemanApproved
10) Bryan McNeely CompoundMaster 50+Approved
11) James McNeely CompoundCadetApproved
12) Robert Festa CompoundCubApproved
13) Michael FleresCompoundSeniorApproved
14) Angie LaLunaCompoundCadetAwaiting Online Payment
15) Angie LaLunaCompoundCadetApproved
16) Tony LaLunaCompoundSeniorApproved
17) YOUNGHEON KIMRecurveCadetApproved
18) Wayne MandelCompoundSeniorApproved
19) Lucas AzanBarebowCubApproved
20) Tom LynchRecurveSeniorApproved
21) Benjamin LynchCompoundYoemanAwaiting Online Payment
22) Kate SwintCompoundCubApproved
23) Tauras VebeliunasCompoundMaster 50+Approved
24) Luis NievesCompoundMaster 50+Approved
25) Ryan KooRecurveCadetApproved
26) Margaret GatesRecurveJuniorCancelled