The Range

Our range is located in the public archery range at Cedar Creek Park. We consider this facility to be the jewel of the local archery community in the Greater Long Island, NYC metro area. The club maintains the field to World Archery Standards during practice sessions and tournaments. We offer a variety of distances from 10 meters to 70 meters to cover all skill levels.

Range Rules

For your benefit and for the benefit of those around you Safety is our No. 1 concern at all times. While archery is fun and fulfilling, the range is not a playground and the following rules have to be followed at all times.

  • All archers must sign-in
  • All archers must obey the person in charge of the range at all times.
  • All archers and spectators will behave in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Archery etiquette will be observed at all times.
  • Bare feet are not permitted at any time.
  • Shooting will be from the shooting line only.
  • All archers must straddle the shooting line while shooting.
  • Cross-lane shooting is not permitted.
  • All bows and arrows will be pointed down range only.
  • No one is permitted to cross the shooting line while archers are shooting.
  • An “all clear” sign will be given and acknowledged by all archers before retrieving arrows.
  • The knocking of an arrow is not permitted while anyone is down range.
  •  All Minors must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Range Location

The entrance to Cedar Creek County Park (blue dot on the map) is located on state Route 27A (Merrick Road), approximately 1/4 mile east of the intersection of Route 27A and the Wantagh Parkway. Route 135 is the major highway to the east of the park.

Proceed to the 2nd parking area on the right (Parking Lot #5). The archery range (second blue dot on the map) is located to the right of the new playground.

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