August 5, 2023    
9:00 am - 2:00 pm


Bookings closed


Nassau Bowmen Outdoor Range
3340 Merrick Rd, Seaford, NY, 11783

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This tournament will be on Saturday, August 5th at 9:00 am. The tournament format will be a 720 Round. It will consist of a 72 arrow round, 6 arrows per end for 12 ends. Please be at the field 30-45 min before the start time to sign-in and received target assignments. Listed below are the classes and distances for each division. All participants MUST be USA Archery Members.

This is a USA Archery sanctioned event. USA Archery rules and dress code apply. Please note that at sanctioned events camo clothing is not allowed.

Registration Deadline is 9 PM Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023.

If this event is full, please email tournaments@nassaubowmen.org to be placed on the wait list.

Master Men & Master Women – 60m-122cm
Senior Men & Senior Women – 70m-122cm
Junior Men & Junior Women – 70m-122cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 60m-122cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 50m-122cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women – 30m-122cm

Master Men & Master Women – 50m-80cm
Senior Men & Senior Women – 50m-80cm
Junior Men & Junior Women – 50m-80cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 50m-80cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 30m-80cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women -25m-80cm

Recreational (This division is recommended for archers that cannot reach the standard distance)
This Division is is designed so a new archer gain tournament experience, there are no awards in the Recreational Class.
Adult- 30m-122cm
Youth- 20m-122cm

You can find information about different age divisions here. If you have any questions regarding this event you send us an email here.

**Cancelation Policy**

Cancellations before the registration deadline can receive a refund minus a $5.00 service fee. Cancelations after the deadline are non refundable.


Registrations are closed at the current time for this event.


1) ANTHONY GAROFALOCompoundMaster 60+Approved
2) Gene YeeCompoundMaster 60+Approved
3) tino mauroCompoundMaster 60+Approved
4) Amanda HeldtCompoundJuniorApproved
5) Sophie DeLaurentiisRecurveRecreationalApproved
6) Johnny SiCompoundSeniorApproved
7) Sean ChanCompoundSeniorApproved
8) Bill SivoriRecurveMaster 70+Approved
9) hodari De PalmCompoundMaster 50+Approved
10) Shaela SenRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
11) Paige LeeRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
12) Keith Browne RecurveMaster 60+Approved
13) Alexis BerberabeBarebowSeniorApproved
14) Harry Placide BarebowSeniorApproved
15) Kayla BaumCompoundU15 - CubApproved
16) Fernando ManecaCompoundMaster 60+Approved
17) Rey Patrick PacificadorRecurveSeniorApproved
18) Bryan McNeelyCompoundMaster 50+Approved
19) Jaden PhanRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
20) Joseph McGlynRecurveSeniorApproved
21) Jose ApellanizRecurveSeniorApproved
22) Douglas Moya CidCompoundSeniorApproved
23) Susan HongRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
24) Nicholas malteseCompoundU21 - JuniorApproved
25) Jimmy PhanRecurveMaster 50+Approved
26) Joseph FafoneCompoundSeniorApproved
27) Hai KatelynRecurveU18 - CadetApproved
28) Daphne VadersRecurveMaster 50+Approved
29) Paul ZiemsCompoundMaster 50+Approved
30) stephane VenetBarebowSeniorApproved
31) Jacquelyne ColemanCompoundMaster 50+Approved
32) Ethan ChongRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
33) joe joeCompoundU15 - CubAwaiting Online Payment
34) Daniel KimRecurveU15 - CubApproved
35) Isabella RamirezRecurveSeniorApproved
36) Rafael RamirezRecurveMaster 50+Approved
37) Joana CuellarCompoundMaster 50+Approved
38) Daniel Dziardziel CompoundMaster 50+Approved
39) Ian ChongRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
40) Jackson WaworuntuRecurveU15 - CubApproved
41) Rama WaworuntuRecurveSeniorApproved
42) Aaron SheaBarebowSeniorApproved
43) Shaurya KadamRecurveRecreationalApproved
44) Steven HanCompoundSeniorApproved
45) Dan ChongRecurveSeniorApproved
46) Eduardo MedinaRecurveRecreationalApproved