July 6, 2024    
9:00 am - 2:00 pm


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Nassau Bowmen Outdoor Range
3340 Merrick Rd, Seaford, NY, 11783

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This tournament will be on Saturday, July 6th at 9:00 am and is for JOAD and Youth classes only. No adults can participate. The tournament format will be a 720 Round. It will consist of a 72 arrow round, 6 arrows per end for 12 ends. Please be at the field 30-45 min before the start time to sign-in and received target assignments. Listed below are the classes and distances for each division. All participants MUST be USA Archery Members.

Athletes may also register for the NYS JOAD Championship which is held in conjunction with this event.


Legislative Note

The Nassau Bowman operate in Nassau County, New York and have been approved for several permits from the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation & Museums for use and occupancy of Nassau County Park’s property.

As such, we wanted to direct you to recent legislative events, information, and resources as it relates to the county.
On February 22, 2024, Nassau County signed Executive Order Number 2 – 204.
On March 1, 2024, the State of New York, Office of the Attorney General, issued a Cease and Desist Notification to Nassau County Executive Blakeman.
On March 11, 2024, the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) filed a lawsuit against Nassau County.

If you have questions or concerns about how this may impact you or how it relates to USAA’s Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy, please reach out to USA Archery at athletesafety@usarchery.org.

This is a USA Archery sanctioned event. USA Archery rules and dress code apply. Please note that at sanctioned events denim and camo clothing are not allowed.

Registration Deadline is now 9 PM Thursday, July 3rd, 2024.

Junior Men & Junior Women – 70m-122cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 60m-122cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 50m-122cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women – 30m-122cm

Junior Men & Junior Women – 50m-80cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 50m-80cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 30m-80cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women -25m-80cm

You can find information about different age divisions here. If you have any questions regarding this event you send us an email here.



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Tri-State Joad $30.00

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x Tri-State Joad
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1) Jaden PhanRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
2) Jackson WaworuntuRecurveU15 - CubApproved
3) ZiRu Shannon XiongRecurveU15 - CubApproved
4) Ethan ChongRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
5) Ian ChongRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
6) Robert FestaCompoundU18 - CadetApproved
7) Hyojo ChangRecurveU15 - CubApproved
8) Mijo ChangRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
9) Nathaniel HanRecurveU18 - CadetApproved
10) Mason De TomaRecurveU15 - CubApproved
11) Christian LeeBarebowU13 - BowmenApproved
12) Nathaniel LeeCompoundU15 - CubApproved
13) Ivanna TrunovaCompoundU18 - CadetApproved
14) Paige LeeRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
15) Nicole Youmans CompoundU15 - CubApproved
16) Shreeya NooneyCompoundU18 - CadetApproved
17) Ryan LeeRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
18) Melia KippinsRecurveU18 - CadetApproved
19) Alex HurRecurveU18 - CadetApproved
20) Lily LeungRecurveU15 - CubApproved
21) Leslie kohRecurveU18 - CadetApproved
22) Sofie HwangRecurveU15 - CubApproved
23) Marisol HwangRecurveU13 - BowmenApproved
24) Juleen LimRecurveU18 - CadetApproved
25) Soyeon ChangRecurveU15 - CubApproved