July 31, 2016    
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Achievement Pin Shoot

This Achievement Pin Shoot will be on Sunday July 31st at 9:00am. The Shoot will consist of two 36 arrow rounds (6 ends of 6 arrows, 4:00 minutes per end) allowing archers two attempts to achieve one pin. Please be at the field 30-45 mins before to sign and received target assignments. Listed below and on the registration page are the classes and distances for each division. All participants MUST be USA Archery Members.

Registration Deadline is 9PM Friday July 29th, 2016.

Pins will be ordered from USA Archery upon achievement and delivered at a later date. Nassau Bowmen will provide pins to Nassau Bowmen members. Non-Members will receive Achievement Pins from their JOAD or AAAP club.

Pin distances/scores for the many divisions are more confusing this year with the new scoring matrix. Here is a listing of the divisions and scoring matrix.
Division Classifications

Master — Archers may compete as a Master starting in the year of their 50th birthday.
Senior — Athletes in the year of their 21st birthday, and older, will compete in the senior class.
Junior — Athletes may compete in the junior class up to and through the year of their 20th birthday.
Cadet — Athletes may compete in the cadet class up to and through the year of their 17th birthday.
Cub — Athletes may compete in the cub class up to and through the year of their 14th birthday.
Bowman — Athletes may compete in the bowman class up to and through the year of their 12th birthday.
Yeoman – This class is for youths up to and through the year of their 9th birthday.

Click on the matrix to enlarge it in a new browser window.

JOAD matrix
Adult matrix 


USAA JOAD Achievement Pin Outdoor Scoring Matrix: Outdoor JOAD Scoring Matrix

USAA Adult Achievement Pin Scoring Matrix: Outdoor Adult Achievement Scoring Matrix

Registration Fee: $10 per archer.


Registrations are closed at the current time for this event.


1) Keith BrowneMasterRecurveApproved
2) Cando PineroSeniorRecurveApproved
3) Stephen LaLunaMasterCompoundApproved
4) Anthony LaLunaCadetCompoundApproved
5) Vincent LaLunaCubCompoundApproved
6) Angelina LaLunaBowmanRecurveApproved
7) Cristopher MesimerisCubCompoundApproved
8) Ben HardyCubCompoundApproved
9) Margaret GatesCubRecurveApproved
10) Michael SalzmanCadetRecurveApproved
11) Jay KonopkoYeomanRecurveApproved
12) Scott NazinitskyCadetRecurveApproved
13) Samantha VicariCadetCompoundApproved
14) Frank VicariMasterRecurveApproved
15) Marianne MartinezSeniorCompoundApproved
16) Jonna BerryMasterRecurveApproved
17) Anthony CuratolaMasterRecurveApproved
18) hazel greeneMasterRecurveApproved
19) Paul McmenamyYeomanRecurveApproved
20) Paul McmenamyMasterRecurveApproved
21) Asim MuhammadMasterBarebowApproved
22) William GriffithMasterRecurveApproved
23) Luca VillantiCadetCompoundApproved
24) Chuck GatesMasterRecurveApproved
25) Adrienne PlummerBowmanRecurveApproved
26) Valerie P GerigSeniorRecurveAwaiting Online Payment