August 13, 2016    
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Long Island J.O.A.D Championships

Sponsored by C&B Archery


This tournament will be a J.O.A.D. only event that will be on Saturday August 13th at 9:00 am. The tournament format will be a 720 Round. It will consist of a 72 arrow round, 6 arrows per end for 12 ends. Please be at the field 30-45 mins before the start time to sign-in and received target assignments. Listed below are the classes and distances for each division. All participants MUST be USA Archery Members.

This is a USA Archery sanctioned event. USA Archery rules and dress code apply. 


USA Archery Rules

Dress Code

Registration Deadline is 9:00 pm on August 10th, 2016.

Junior Men & Junior Women – 70m-122cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 60m-122cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 50m-122cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women – 30m-122cm

Junior Men & Junior Women – 50m-80cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 50m-80cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 30m-80cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women -25m-80cm

Registration Fee: $10 per archer

Sponsor Information :

C&B Archery
11 Commercial Street Hicksville, NY 11801

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Registrations are closed at the current time for this event.


1) Dillon McMenamyRecurveJunior MenApproved
2) Taylor McKenzieRecurveCub WomenApproved
3) Ashton ShemetCompoundJunior MenApproved
4) Adrienne PlummerRecurveBowmen WomenApproved
5) CHARLES LAURecurveCub MenApproved
6) Angie LaLunaRecurveBowmen WomenApproved
7) Vinnie LaLunaCompoundCub MenApproved
8) Tony LaLunaCompoundCadet MenApproved
9) Babbino Emma RecurveCub WomenApproved
10) Scott NazinitskyRecurveCadet MenApproved
11) Andrea BlissRecurveCadet WomenApproved
12) Margaret GatesRecurveCub WomenApproved
13) Juliette KimminsCompoundCadet WomenApproved
14) Ryan KimminsCompoundCub MenApproved
15) Erin JamesRecurveBowmen WomenApproved
16) Joshua HarveyRecurveJunior MenApproved
17) Samantha NagyRecurveCadet WomenApproved
18) Andreanna NagyRecurveCadet WomenApproved
19) Luke ReyderRecurveCub MenApproved
20) Danielle Stephanie QueRecurveBowmen WomenApproved
21) Simon SchnellCompoundBowmen MenApproved
22) Dallas JonesRecurveCadet MenApproved