August 26, 2017    
9:00 am - 2:00 pm


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Presidents Cup

Sponsored By
Gotham Archery


This tournament will be on Saturday, August 26th at 9:00 am. The tournament format will be a 720 Round. It will consist of a 72 arrow round, 6 arrows per end for 12 ends. Please be at the field 30-45 min before the start time to sign-in and received target assignments. Listed below are the classes and distances for each division. All participants MUST be USA Archery Members.

This is a USA Archery sanctioned event. USA Archery rules and dress code apply.
Please note at Sanctioned Events  (Denim and Camo clothing are not allowed)
USA Archery Rules
Dress Code

Registration Deadline is 9 PM Wednesday August 23rd, 2017.

Master Men & Master Women – 60m-122cm
Senior Men & Senior Women – 70m-122cm
Junior Men & Junior Women – 70m-122cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 60m-122cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 50m-122cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women – 30m-122cm

Master Men & Master Women – 50m-80cm
Senior Men & Senior Women – 50m-80cm
Junior Men & Junior Women – 50m-80cm
Cadet Men & Cadet Women – 50m-80cm
Cub Men & Cub Women – 30m-80cm
Bowmen Men & Bowmen Women -25m-80cm

Recreational (This division is recommended for archers that cannot reach the standard distance)
Adult- 30m-122cm
Youth- 20m-122cm

Shooting Fees: $25

Sponsor Information :

Gotham Archery
480 Baltic Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


Registrations are closed at the current time for this event.


1) Asim MuhammadBarebowMaster 70+Approved
2) Avi Robinson-MosherRecurveSeniorApproved
3) Zachary VoskinarianRecurveBowmenApproved
4) Simon SchnellCompoundBowmenApproved
5) Adrienne PlummerRecurveBowmenApproved
6) Wayne MacgregorCompoundSeniorApproved
7) Joseph McGlynRecurveSeniorApproved
8) TungYing ChuRecurveSeniorApproved
9) Lewis BarberaCompoundMaster 70+Approved
10) Matthew SerpeCompoundJuniorApproved
11) Rose CunninghamCompoundCadetApproved
12) Jake CunninghamCompoundCubApproved
13) Stephan VenetBarebowSeniorApproved
14) Andrew WongRecurveSeniorApproved
15) Keith BrowneRecurveMaster 50+Approved
16) KeEfE WongCompoundSeniorApproved
17) hazel greeneRecurveMaster 50+Approved
18) William GriffithRecurveMaster 60+Approved
19) Henry HainesCompoundCubApproved
20) Collin HainesRecurveBowmenApproved
21) Adam WanjonCompoundSeniorApproved
22) Julie WanjonCompoundSeniorApproved
23) Margaret GatesRecurveCubApproved
24) Charles GatesRecurveRecreational AdultApproved
25) Ryan KimminsCompoundCubApproved
26) Scott NazinitskyRecurveCadetApproved
27) Malachy GuzmanRecurveCubApproved
28) WAVERLY JOHNSONRecurveCubApproved
29) sydney burkeRecurveCadetApproved
30) Valerie GerigRecurveSeniorAwaiting Payment
31) Jonna BerryRecurveMaster 50+Approved
32) Anthony CuratolaRecurveMaster 60+Approved
33) Lyra Yum-McGaugheyCompoundBowmenAwaiting Online Payment
34) Nicholas McGaugheyBarebowRecreational AdultAwaiting Online Payment