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What beats a tall glass of water?  A tall glass of water while you are on the range.

At the Lancaster Classic, I had a conversation with Chuck Cooley and some archers regarding Eye Strain and Hydration.  Chuck is a Professional Archer and Optician.

Chuck explained that the eye is basically a muscle that is stressed during the aiming process just like your biceps when working out.  If you are not properly hydrating before and during practice/competition you can encounter aiming issues since the tissues/muscles are not properly flushing out toxins.

During the aiming process your eye muscles flex to focus on your pin or target. Over the course event dehydration will cause eye strain and dryness leading to loss of focus while aiming.  You might end up blinking a lot to lubricate your eyes and possible get headache. Your is basically a ball of fluid, drink up.

This is an interesting short article related to Dehydration and eyes.