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Indoor Season

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As the summer winds down and the leaves begin to change our Premium Membership option is something to consider.

The Indoor Range located in Glen Cove provides a private setting to keep practicing through the cold winter months.

Contact us for more information on the range and how to upgrade to Premium Membership.

The last outdoor practice session is September 29th.

Range Captains

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I wanted to say THANK YOU!! to all of the Cedar Creek range captains.

With your support, Nassau Bowmen continues to be a great benefit to the archers of Long Island.


A few things about this dedicated group.

The Cedar Creek range captains volunteer their free time to open the club for all the members.

The range captains became Lvl-II coaches to ensure the range is operate in a safe manner.

PeeWee who is in charge of the range captains works with them to ensure our publicized schedule has coverage.

Weekend range captains also help new shooters on their first time trying archery.

Thank a range captain the next time you are on the range.

Talk with PeeWee or Myself for information about becoming range captain or volunteering with the club


Thank You

Joe McGlyn